Involved in an Accident

The following information is designed to aid you through the experience of obtaining quality repairs to your damaged automobile after an accident.

The manager of a member shop is also a good source for additional questions you may have. Our goal is to make the experience a successful one for both you and the shop.

Q. I was told I must take my car to a certain repair shop. Must I do this?

A. No. Keep in mind YOU are the owner of the car and only you can determine the place of repair. No one can force you to a certain repair shop for any reason.

Q. What is the best procedure for me to get quality repairs and quickly get my car back on the road?

A. Take your car to the shop of your choice. Leave it with the manager and instruct him to contact your insurance representative and advise him or her of the car’s location.

Q. Must I accept the Insurance company's first offer of settlement to repair my damaged automobile?

A. Remember, the Insurance industry deals in dollars and cents, not repairs. The amount is a first offer only.
1. Contact your agent, He or She represents you.
2.If he or she is unable to help, ask to have your claim put into arbitration .

Q. Who is responsible to the repair shop for my repair bill ... the insurance company or me?

A. You are. The contract with your insurance company will pay YOU for the damages to your car less the deductible amount. Oregon Law is clear on this subject. You may direct your company to pay the repair shop, but the payment should be in the hands of the repair agency when you pick up your car. Keep in mind, there is no connection between the repair shop and the insurance company.

Q. Who is the responsible for the safety, workmanship, and guarantee on my automobile repairs? The insurance company or the repair shop?

A. The repair shop is responsible. You would not get to an insurance company if a doctor left a sponge in you after an operation, you would go back to the doctor. The same is true in this situation. Insurance companies do not repair automobiles.

Q. I am sure the other party was at fault, but no one has made any effort to see the repairs of my automobile. What can I do?

A. You are the owner of the automobile, and only you can legal make arrangements for the car repairs. Ask the manager of this shop for assistance. I am having a problem with the insurance company.

Q. Can the Insurance Commissioner's Office help me?

A. Yes, but keep in mind that the Insurance commissioner has no judicial authority to determine negligence nor to establish the value of loss or injury. If the facts are in dispute, they must be determined by a court of law arbitration proceedings. The Insurance Commissioner may demand an explanation from the insurance company for its handling of the investigation and adjustment, encourage a fair and equitable settlement of your claim, or instruct you how to proceed if a settlement is not reached. The Insurance commissioner’s number is: (503) 378-4271.